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Yew Tree is committed to ensuring the best possible education for all pupils regardless of ability, background, ethnicity, gender or disability.  We continually monitor the progress of all pupils and take steps to intervene where there is evidence that individuals or groups are falling behind.  Our school Special Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) liaises with parents and external agencies to provide additional support for children who require it.  We also acknowledge that some children will be more able (‘Gifted and Talented’) and we aim to ensure that these children’s needs are also well catered for.

In June, we became the first mainstream school in the borough to achieve the Inclusion Quality Mark Centre of Excellence or the second year.f

Assessors visited the school to examine how the school meets the needs of diverse communities in delivering an inclusive education, whilst ensuring equal opportunities for all pupils, regardless of age, gender ethnicity, attainment and background.

Following the visit, assessors described the school as “vibrant and motivating where the warmth of the staff and pupils is obvious as one is welcomed through the door.” Assessors also commented that inclusive practice permeates throughout the school at all levels and the curriculum is enriched by topic work, themed weeks, visits, art and drama projects as well as residential visits.

Below are some of the comments from the report:

‘This school lives and breathes inclusion, it is committed to ensuring the best possible education for all pupils regardless of ability, background, ethnicity, gender or disability.’

‘Over the review it was clear to see evidence of your mission statement ‘Excellence for All’. This is clearly encapsulated in everything that happens at Yew Tree Community Primary School, as a school and as a vibrant part of the local community.’

‘The school values the individual and promotes high self-confidence in all pupils encouraging a ‘can do’ culture that is central to its inclusive ethos.’

‘All Staff and pupils are happy to share their school with you and celebrate their vision for an inclusive and successful school.’

‘The hard working staff is rightly proud of their pupils and of the work they do to promote excellence nurture and care for all.’

‘During my brief visit I was able to see the school at work and was able to experience the unique inclusive ethos and culture that is ingrained in its structure and is tangible to all who visit the school.’

‘There is an outstanding rapport between the staff at all levels and the children in the school and a superb quality of support, care and nurture that is continually evolving to further enhance provision at the school.’

‘It was a pleasure to visit such a vibrant, excellent welcoming and friendly school where inclusion lies at the heart of all it does.’

‘The school continues to grow as an excellent inclusive, extremely positive and very purposeful school community focused on high quality teaching and learning for all those involved, pupils and staff alike.’

‘The Senior Leaders and in fact all staff employed in the school have a clear vision for continuous improvement in all areas but most importantly for continuing improvement in their already excellent inclusive practices.’

‘The school continues to innovate and seek new solutions to the challenges that are faced in achieving the goal of enabling all students to succeed.’

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