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Behaviour and Expectations

“Excellence For all” is embedded as part of our commitment to ensuring children are taught positive and life long personal, social and emotional values. These values are integral to the curriculum:

The values we encourage, embrace and promote with the children are:

Friendship, Honesty, Perseverance,  Co-operation, Tolerance and Responsibility.


Each Term a value is focused on with teamwork running through all our values and all that we do

This term we are focusing on the value of Perseverance for:

  • Behaviour
  • Helping others
  • Our learning
  • Our targets
  • Our learning behaviour
  • Our choices
  • Showing respect for all
  • Teamwork

In our school we believe that our policy on behaviour is integral to the curriculum because it is as important for our school to be a place where values are learned as well as knowledge and skills.

We believe that fundamental to the success of this policy is the development of positive relationships in minimising conflict and encouraging desirable behaviour. Equal importance is placed on child: adult relationships and child: child relationships.

Staff, children and governors have agreed a set of general principles which promote behaviour. These principals are underpinned by our values of respect, fairness and inclusion.


  1. We believe that with every right comes a responsibility.
  2. When each of us takes responsibility for what we do, we make our school a better place.
  3. We believe that ‘we are what we do’ and together we can make big changes to our school, our community and our world.
  4. We believe that all children and adults have the right to be listened to and the responsibility to listen to others.
  5. We believe that all children have the right to learn and all staff have the right to teach.
  6. We promise to support, praise and reward good behaviour.
  7. We will be fair and consistent when we apply sanctions for poor behaviour choices.
  8. We believe that adults who work in our school should model good behaviour and should never denigrate children or colleagues.
  9. We will promote positive behaviour by helping children to develop their social, emotional and behavioural skills.
  10. We will keep parents informed about their child’s behaviour, positive as well as negative.
  11. We will consult children, staff, parents and governors about our behaviour policy.
  12. We will not tolerate violence or threatening behaviour by pupils or parents.

Our school Golden Rules underpin these principals.






At the core of our behaviour Golden Rules is the key rule:

“We treat others how we want to be treated”

Our behaviour management system underpins this ethos and helps children develop an understanding of how their actions affect others. Children who bully others are in breach of our golden rule and are not treating their peers with respect. Children who are bullying need to learn different ways of behaving.

Respect has to be given in order to be received. We believe that parents and carers, pupils and teachers all need to operate in a culture of mutual regard.

The policy seeks to reach a balance between rights and responsibilities, rewards and sanctions.


Each half term, as part of our behaviour and expectations at Yew Tree we carrying out individual pupil interviews focusing on attendance and punctuality, school uniform (including PE Kit), behaviour (in and out of the classroom), effort and homework. Each section is ranked either green (excellent), amber (requires some improvement) or red (requires significant improvement). These are then shared with Parents/Carers, either identifying the excellent attitudes to learning and commitment from the child to our whole school behaviour and expectations. Or, identifying aspects in which Parents/Carers can support their child in working towards to ensure that they achieve their full potential whilst at Yew Tree.


Mrs O’Hanlon’s Superstar Assembly

Every half-term, the Headteacher makes a Special Award to a child from each class who has shown themselves to be a role model for one of our school values. Parents are invited to a special assembly where a certificate and special prize is awarded. A record of all prize winners is kept in the Headteacher’s Special Awards Book which is kept on display (See some of our photographs in our News section).