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Designated Special Provision

Yew Tree Community Primary School is a unique 21st century learning environment where pupils of all abilities are able to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Within Yew Tree all children are provided with stimulating and enriching learning opportunities. We work hard to motivate and challenge with our positive and inclusive approach to learning throughout the school.

Designated Special Provision (DSP)

At Yew Tree Community Primary School we are able to offer a unique specialist provision for pupils with all ranges of learning difficulties. This means Yew Tree is able to ensure all learners across all spectrums of education needs are able to meet their full potential.

 The DSP Classes

The Designated Special Provision consists of 3 classes which cater for children who have a special educational need.

A great emphasis is placed in all classes on providing a safe, caring and happy environment which enables and encourages each child to develop his/her potential.

Classroom organisation and teaching methods take account of the individual learning requirements of the pupils and various strategies and techniques are used throughout the DSP by highly skilled and committed staff who work very much as a team.

The DSP follows a unique curriculum entitled ‘Curriculum Around the Pupil’ (CAP)– please see the curriculum section for more details.