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DSP Curriculum – Delivery & Assessment

How will CAP be delivered

These sessions will be planned for by each individual class teacher as depending on the needs of the pupils they may have a CAP more weighted towards Communication and Sensory Skills or Developing skills or National Curriculum. Themes will be decided on based on what elements of CAP need to be focused on for those pupils so this will be done on a yearly basis to accommodate changes in class structure. Each Pupil will have a Learning Profile, using information from their Statement, where their specific areas of needs are identified . This learning profile will also generate information for their LRT plans and PPP’S. Together this information will be used to support planning that will lead to a variety of learning experiences that specifically cover their areas of needs for example fine motor skills, gross motor skills, early play skills, sequencing skills, expressive and receptive language skills, turn taking, understanding and expressing emotions, controlling anger, accepting responsibility and working together, functional Literacy and Numeracy.

How CAP will be assessed

Those pupils working at P Levels will be assessed using PIVATS whilst those working at National Curriculum will be assessed using the school’s preferred method of ‘No levels’ assessment where pupils are assessed using the Year Group objectives they are working at and given at description of beginning at, working at and secure at. If pupils are using the ‘Developing Skills’ Curriculum they will be assessed using the objectives outlined in the ‘Developing Skills’ curriculum through observation of these skills being achieved in CAP sessions, this information will be recorded through their PPP progress and their Annual Review of their statement.  This information will also be recorded on tracking sheets where pupils will have the opportunity to demonstrate that they are ‘Aware’ of the skill, have ‘Achieved it in specific contexts’ and then ‘Generalised’ the skill so as to allow for small steps of progression over longer periods of time.  To ensure coverage as appropriate for National Curriculum objective grids will be completed over a 2 year cycle to show coverage.