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Family Learning

Every parent wants their child to succeed at school and to have the best possible opportunities when they leave school.  But sometimes parents may not be sure of the best way of helping their child.

Our Family Learning programme is facilitated by our link family support worker, Vicky Powell, and our Learning Mentor, Leanne Graney.

Our aim is to provide up to date learning opportunities for all our families, parents and carers, with an emphasis on spending quality time with your child and improving communication.  During the  majority of our family learning courses, the children are included, giving a great opportunity for you and your child to enjoy some learning time together.  It is designed to help you and your child become better learners and to give you the chance to have fun doing activities that you may not usually do, or may not have time to explore.

If there are any particular courses that you would like to see in school, please contact our Learning Mentor or Vicky Powell through the school’s main office on 0151 477 8950