New Members of our School Council

Congratulations to the new members of our School Council

We were delighted to announce the new members of our School Council during our Headteacher’s Assembly this week.

A school council is a body of pupils set up to represent all pupils on issues that affect them; anything from what is sold to eat at playtime to changes in school buildings. The council is representative of the views of all the children who are all given opportunities to have a ‘voice’. This may be through class circle times, class councils, or a suggestions book, which may all feed ideas in to the main school council.

Each new member was elected, following  a democratic ‘election’ by secret ballot, to identify councillors for each class.

Congratulations to…

Liam, Kyle, Catherine, Lewis, Annie, Joel, Harry, Eleni, Riain, Freddie, Josh, Gerard, Tilly, Daisy, Brandon and Reagan.

Miss Graney and Mrs O’Hanlon are looking forward to working with you all across the year ahead.