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Parent Questionnaire Feedback 2017

Please find below feedback from our most recent Parent Questionnaire.  As always we are trying to ensure we are providing the best possible education for our children and we therefore value regular feedback.

Parent Questionnaire Analysis.

The findings of the parent questionnaire were extremely positive. 62 forms were returned

which represented 24% of the school population. The overwhelming majority of parents

were pleased with the school.

100% felt that their children were happy and like coming to school. 68% strongly agreed

with this statement.

100% felt that the school keeps their child safe. 74% strongly agreed with this statement.

98% felt that the school informs them well of their child’s/children’s progress. 63%

strongly  agreed with this statement.

95% felt that their child was making enough progress. 68% strongly agreeing with this


98% felt that teaching in the school is good. 74% strongly agreed with this statement.

98% felt that the school helps them to support their child’s learning. 72% strongly

agreed with this statement.

95% felt that the school help their child to have a healthy lifestyle. 58% strongly

agreed with this statement.

99% felt that the school has worked hard to improve attendance levels. 71% strongly

agreed with this statement.

100% felt that the school meets their child’s particular needs well. 67% strongly

agreed with this statement.

96% felt that the school deals effectively with unacceptable behaviour. 63 % strongly

agreed with this statement.

96% felt that the school takes account of their suggestions and concerns. 63% strongly

agreed with this statement

98% felt that the school is led and managed effectively. 65% strongly

agreed with this statement.

96% felt happy with their child’s experience at school. 63% strongly

agreed with this statement.

100% felt that the school helps their child to participate in sporting events and

after school clubs


There were also some extremely positive comments outlined in the ‘Additional Comments’

section of the questionnaire, including many about our approachable and friendly staff

who work hard to meet the needs of their children.

Parents helped us to identify some areas for improvement, which included:

Parental Concern School Response
Limited communication about school events or activities As well as information of school events and activities already being shared through conversations with school staff, posters, letters home, newsletters and the school website. We now have Parent’s notice boards by the Mainstream and DSP main gates and have launched a Twitter account.
Encouragement of Healthy Lifestyles In school currently we; provide healthy breakfast options during our Breakfast Club; have honoured improvements in School Meals Service; provide healthy snacks – range of fruits sold during morning playtimes; provided drop in sessions with the school nurse; allow bottled water and access to drinking water throughout the school day; have ideas and links for healthy packed lunches on our school website; include at least 30 minutes activity break during each school day; follow statutory curriculum and timetabling guidelines for PE lessons; include healthy eating and health education as part of our Science, Design and Technology and PSHE lesson; provide afterschool activities which are sport and health based. In future we aim to increase the number of these for a wider age range and provide activities to encourage physical activity during break and lunch times. If parents have any suggestions or can offer support with purchasing appropriate resources, this would be greatly appreciated and accepted.
Dealing with unacceptable behaviours We believe that the promotion of good behaviour and discipline in pupils should stem from a partnership between home and school. In partnership with parents we set high expectations of behaviour in all aspects of school life to maintain good behaviour and discipline. Therefore, we have raised levels of communication through; the development of new Behaviour Policy (fully implemented in Spring Term, which ensures that parents are informed of any misbehaviour, which is then tackled jointly; senior staff highly visible at particular times of the day, ensuring appropriate rewards and sanctions are applied fairly and consistently by all staff; development of a Home/ School Agreement; development of tracked behaviour system; sanctions for children who continue to cause concern, including, in extreme cases, fixed term or permanent exclusion.