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Reading at Yew Tree

One of the central aims of Yew Tree Primary School is to develop a real pleasure of reading amongst our pupils.  Reading is at the very heart of school life at Yew Tree and we aim to deliver as much of the new National Curriculum as we possibly can through the use of whole books and class novels.

It is our aim to enable every child to:

  • take a real interest in books and develop a real pleasure in reading
  • be able to utilise a full range of reading clues (phonic, syntactic, graphic and contextual)
  • monitor their reading, correcting their own mistakes
  • read for meaning using inference and deduction, looking for meaning beyond the literal
  • understand the sound spelling systems and etymological root of words and use this to read and spell accurately
  • use their reading skills to retrieve information as part of their learning throughout the entire curriculum
  • read more challenging literature, broadening their reading horizons

We have recently been awarded the SILVER Reading Quality Mark, which highlighted our commitment to reading, particularly how it is promoted through indoor and outdoor reading opportunities, reading leaders and use of ‘Drop Everything and Read’ to encourage reading for pleasure.

Liverpool Reading Quality Mark Logo (2)