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Rebound Therapy

 Benefits of Rebound Therapy

Strengthening of Limbs

  • Jumping straight, astride
  • Gentle bouncing on hands and knees or feet
  • Kneeling and bouncing with or without coaches support
  • Arm movements
  • Stretching of body


  • Jumping and counting
  • Counting the steps as they mount / dismount trampoline
  • Clapping and counting
  • Number Rhymes


  • Waiting their turn
  • Safe progression of moves


  • Learning new words and signs
  • Eye contact
  • Using symbols and other aids (PECS)
  • Facial expressions
  • Using on body signs
  • Co-ordination
  • Jumping
  • Bouncing in sitting position
  • Balancing
  • Kneeling
  • Clapping
  • Arm movements


  • Progression from assisted bouncing to bouncing independently or jumping independently
  • From assisted mounting/dismounting to unaided

Self Confidence

  • Being praised, happy to try move again or try new moves
  • Knowing what is expected
  • Asking for or independently completing moves
  • Progressing from assisted sitting and bouncing to attempting independently or becoming independent

Self Image

  • Achievement
  • Coach Praise
  • Progressions
  • Feeling good having worked hard
  • Eye Contact
  • Face to face bouncing/jumping
  • Sitting face to face

Social Awareness

  • Waiting their turn
  • Watching others
  • Recognising success and clapping


  • Regular sessions
  • Controlled exercises
  • Develops fitness

Body Awareness

  • Using rhymes (if you’re happy, head, shoulder knees and toes)
  • Coach bounces section of trampoline near different parts of pupils body
  • Stretch limbs, raise legs, arms and keep hold of while bouncing

Spatial Awareness

  • Standing/sitting in middle
  • Walking around the trampoline
  • Bouncing using arms

Sense of achievement

  • Praise from coach, peers and visitors
  • Award schemes
  • Increasing Height and Depth Perception
  • Controlled bouncing (gentle, vigorous, high, low)
  • Mounting/dismounting trampoline correctly
  • Locating parts of the trampoline

There are also benefits of Rebound Therapy: Stimulation of the digestive system, improved bowel function, internal organ massage and clearing of toxins from the body. These are achieved by the different movements on the trampoline (bouncing, walking, side to side at different tempos and weights offered) The toxins are cleared by the bouncing, causing stretching and contracting of cells in the body.